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VPB Connect

Unlock the full potential of OpenVPB with VPB Connect.

Quickly and seamlessly dial contacts, including cell phones, from within any browser or device. VPB Connect improves the experience and saves time for volunteers and lets you reach even more supporters, all in the tool that you and your volunteers already know and love.

Faster, easier, more productive.

With the accessibility of OpenVPB, and increased efficiency by cutting out manual dialing, VPB Connect can increase your phone capacity instantly.

Productive Virtual Volunteering

Cut down on time between calls and make more meaningful contact without sacrificing the volunteer experience. By combining features from the NGP VAN dialer with a more volunteer friendly workflow, VPB Connect ensures that your remote Phonebanks will be more efficient than ever.

Integrated Workflow

Easily set-up VPB Connect from the same interface you would a Virtual Phone bank. That means the same script creation and universe selection you know and love, as well as improved calling analytics and contact method scoring.


Support Contact

Simulate an in-person Phonebank with an organizer by designating a support contact with a name, email, and phone number on your VPB Connect list. Volunteers who need assistance while calling can easily reach out to the right person for help.

Less manual dialing, more conversations

Using VPB Connect instead of the classic dialer allows you to call cell phones, immediately increasing the pool of potential people to talk to.

Looking for SMS Tools?

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