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Introducing NGP 8

The New Gold Standard in Political Fundraising & Compliance

You asked. We listened. NGP 8 empowers fundraisers to raise more money faster with modern fundraising techniques like paperless call time, a custom call sheet builder, and faster, more intuitive workflows.

Modern & Trusted Fundraising Tools

Raise more money and save more time with new, powerful, and customizable fundraising features.
  • Paperless Call Time

    No more transcribing notes from paper or hassling with call sheet binders. Queue up donors and make calls directly from NGP 8 with key donor details to make a successful ask. (Don’t worry, fundraisers have the option of still using classic call time workflows.)

  • Custom Call Sheet Builder

    Create your own call sheet templates using the new custom call sheet builder, or utilize pre-made call sheets designed by top Democratic fundraisers to take advantage of campaign best practices.

  • Fundraising Dashboards

    Modern data visualizations allow you and your team to gain quick insights into progress towards your fundraising deadline.  Coming soon.


Compliance Built for Campaign Pros

The same trusted compliance features, improved with new efficiency and customization. 
  • Auto-batching & Integrated Settlement Data

    Reconciling credit card contributions has never been easier. Credit card batches are automatically created daily to match deposits and settlement information is auto-applied to contributions, allowing quick and easy identification of issues without leaving NGP.

  • Customizable Views

    Compliance, fundraising, and digital staff all care about different contact data. Contact view allows you to make the information you care about front and center, while moving the things you don’t out of the way.  More features coming soon

  • Modern, Improved User Interface

    Hours of user feedback have informed NGP's new, modern, and simple user interface that is quick to learn and easy to navigate. Built on the Action Platform, it shares many UI patterns with VoteBuilder.

  • Robust Reports

    Get the answers to all your data questions with powerful, easy-to-use reporting - with pre-baked reports that can be customized, saved, scheduled, and delivered to your inbox. Use dynamic date ranges to schedule daily or weekly reports.

  • Refund Processing

    No more having to go to another system to process a refund. A new permission-only feature allows for easily processing of voids and refunds, saving time while ensuring compliant data entry.


More Features

Prospecting Made Easier

Upload targeted ask amounts and giving history data en masse from your donor prospecting spreadsheets.


Data Visualization

Utilize fully customizable analytics dashboards to visualize, communicate, and share your organizing, email, and fundraising data like never before. Read more.


Advanced Customization

Track the data you need with unprecedented flexibility. Fundraisers can drag and drop preferred data points to rearrange contact records and their create-a-list page to their preferred layout. Additionally, NGP 8 allows for more custom field types for an improved user experience.


Facebook Ads Integration

Create custom target segments in NGP 8, then push them to Facebook for precisely targeted ad buys. Track ROI of a given ad campaign over time, and pull custom, robust reports to measure success. Read more.  


External Giving History

See extensive details of a donor's giving history - including amounts they have given to other campaigns or organizations.


New Direct Response Plans 

No more passing Excel spreadsheets back-and-forth. Direct mail and telemarketing planners can now use the new Direct Response Plan Wizard to do all the segmenting, tracking and reporting within one single system with a new add-on for NGP power users.


Faster Searching & Reporting

A new create-a-list feature and improved reporting makes getting the data you need, in the format you need, easier and faster. 


Major Donor Tools

Track long-term engagement with a donors who need extra TLC. Create donor memos directly out of NGP 8 and use the Donor Ask Plan to prepare your candidate or principal for high stakes asks.




Looking for Digital Fundraising Tools?

Meet Digital 8.
A ground-up build of email, online, and social tools with the most robust set of features available. Click here to learn more.