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Canvass with MiniVAN 8

Intuitive. Integrated. Efficient. 

Forget clipboards and data entry. Mobile canvassing with MiniVAN 8 provides a better, more intuitive canvassing experience for everyone involved. Features like MiniVAN Manager and Optimized Routing help organizers field more efficient and agile canvasses. 

Canvass More Efficiently

Field a more efficient canvass with mobile canvassing tools that save organizers time.
  • Run a Mobile Canvass

    Mobile canvassing with MiniVAN provides a better canvassing experience for everyone involved, saving organizers time and streamlining the experience for canvassers. 

  • Save Time

    Stop wasting time preparing walk packets and entering data.  Instead of cutting turf, use distributed canvassing to automatically send canvassers to their nearest doors. 

  • See the Big Picture

    MiniVAN Manager is an add-on accountability tool that gives you a real-time picture of what's happening in the field and enables you to make real-time adjustments to your canvass. 

  • Increase Efficiency

    Seamlessly send lists to your canvassers' mobile devices. When a canvasser completes their list, they will be invited to start a new one. 


An Intuitive Canvassing Experience

Provide volunteers with a more intuitive canvassing experience and watch them hit more doors.
  • Complete Lists, Faster

    Optimized Routing is an add-on that provides canvassers with the most efficient route, from start to finish.  Turn-by-turn directions guide canvassers through their turf. 

  • Enjoy Smarter Scripts

    Responsive Branched Scripts guide canvassers through their conversations with voters, making it easier to focus on the issues that matter. 

  • Meet Volunteers Where They're At

    Distributed canvassing allows canvassers to knock the doors nearest to them. Schedule more shifts that are convenient for your volunteers. 

  • Stay Motivated

    Notifications Pop-up notifications in MiniVAN help and encourage canvassers as they make their way through their lists. These notifications will make it easier to operate the app and will help the canvasser stay motivated along the way.  


MiniVAN Manager

Accountable. Adaptable. Efficient.


Keep your finger on the pulse and stay in control of your canvassing operation. Get real-time information about your canvassing team’s progress and activities. Get a demo here >>>