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Call Time Mobile App

Revolutionize your Fundraising Call Time. 

Take your Fundraising calls on-the-go. Our new Call Time Mobile App gives you the power to make more calls, more quickly, all from palm of your hand. No paper sheets, no manual data entry, just make your call, log the information, and on to the next ask.  

The fastest and easiest way to make fundraising calls, period.

Make more calls, more quickly, all from palm of your hand. By using the Call Time Mobile App, Candidates can make targeted fundraising asks from anywhere, all while saving staff time on data and printed call sheets.

Streamlined Processes

By using the only Call Time app directly integrated with NGP, your workload just got a lot lighter. Create your lists through your normal processes, and send them directly to your candidates phone. Once the call is logged, that data will updated in real time.

More Targeted Calls, More Quickly

 When your NGP call time data is available in the palm of your hand, your candidate can make more calls than ever. In the car, before a meeting, quality calls can happen anywhere.

Ditch the Call Sheets

Not only can Call Time Mobile help your candidate get through more calls in a traditional call time session, it eliminates the need to enter and record manual data. Enter call results, pledges and new contact information, or indicate to their finance staff that some other follow up, all from the app. 


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