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Action Center

Take Your Organizing Program Online. 
Create gamified tasks to incentivize volunteers to reach targeted voters on your behalf, use Facebook to spread the word about your campaign or tap into their personal contacts by recruiting new supporters and donors.
  • Gamification

    Action Center leverages points, leaderboards and badges to incentivize your volunteers to take more action. Create customized badges with your logo, control the number of points awarded by task and inspire competition using the leaderboard for your top volunteers. 

  • Integrated with VoteBuilder

    Action Center is integrated directly with VoteBuilder to ensure that valuable organizing data is reported back to your database in real-time. View, search and report on the number of points that a volunteer has earned.

  • Built-In Social Sharing

    Built-in Facebook sharing provides your supporters with the ability to easily share their fundraising page, spread the word about why they are supporting your campaign, list build or recruit volunteers.


  • Recruit New Supporters

    Social recruiter allows your super supporters to recruit new volunteers and supporters from their personal network. Action Center provides supporters with an easy-to-use built-in emailer that can tap into personal contacts stored via Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and many other major email providers to send list building and volunteer recruitment emails.

  • Powerful & Persuasive

    Voter contact is more effective when the message is coming from a known voice. Use the power of relationships and Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) to encourage your volunteers to persuade, ID or get out the vote to their friends and family. Additionally, VPB can be used by these same volunteers to call any targeted voter and offers a campaign controlled script to ensure effectiveness.

  • Social Fundraising

    Use the social fundraising task, in addition to the organizing tasks, to encourage volunteers to give to your campaign and raise money from their friends and family.